The Inclusive Shared Storybook Reading Project

This project is an extension of my Ph.D. dissertation work completed at The Pennsylvania State University and I am incredibly excited to share it with you through the new Universal Design Lab’s (uLab) work at Portland State University.  This project is generously sponsored by the  State of Oregon through the Oregon Early Literacy Grant awarded to Portland State University’s uLab.  We’ve worked really hard all year on this project and completed both direct service to the community and some very cool research including both qualitative and quantitative studies.

This project is all about helping children communicate expressively.  We do that by empowering people to engage in interactive shared reading experiences that encourage early communication and literacy.  Part of the project is helping people access the books and communication supports they need.  We are working to help increase the quality of those reading experiences and the frequency and duration of those reads.  Our project uses a strategy instructional model that includes a heavy emphasis on coaching.  We are quite excited to share that content with you through the online courses found here on the site, through live training events, and through community partnership events.